LFW FW17 | The Show

An 8:45 call time meant a tired start of the day for everyone.  I met up with a few friends, who were also doing the internship with me, at the station and we were off.  I was amazed that some others were able to have full faces of makeup so early in the morning when […]

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LFW FW17 | The Night Before

The night before the runway show was really when everything started to come together.  Spending nearly an entire week painting can get tiring pretty quickly, so it was a nice change to start moving the pieces from the studio.  A truck was supposed to arrive at 2:00 p.m. to pick up the first batch of […]

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LFW FW17 | The Internship

London Fashion Week is a date that’s on every fashion professional’s calendar.  It’s five days filled with enough shows, presentations, and street style to satisfy any fashion junkie.  For me, LFW began one week prior to the average attendee.  One of my tutors passed along an internship opportunity to me, so I excitedly sent in […]

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